Story Time

Story Time

Sunday, December 14, 2014

1st time with Santa

Last year I didn't bring up the topic of Santa with Madison and she didn't really understand that part of Christmas.  This year I didn't purposely bring him up, but through holiday specials on TV, pictures in stores, school, etc., she has discovered the jolly, red suited man.  We are also trying to instill the real reason of Christmas, but we thought it would be fine for her to include Santa in the holiday fun.  Madison was very happy when she was met him this year, twice. 
The first time was after a mommy/daughter date to the ballet.  Even though I am not a girly girl, somehow Madison is.  She likes to dance and pretend she is a ballerina so I surprised her by taking her to a local ballet.  She loved and was even more excited to go on stage afterwards to meet the ballerinas and say hi to Santa.

The second time she met him was when we went to eat at Fazoli's as a family.  They had a kids night and Santa was there to say hi.  Madison and Kaden sat with him and I was surprised that Kaden didn't cry.  They also were able to do a craft and decorate a cookie. 

This week we also went to Meijer Gardens to look at the decorated Christmas trees (showing how other countries decorate their trees).  They have a room set up with train tracks, running toy trains, and buildings representing Grand Rapids.  They loved this room.  We had a nice time.

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